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"So, um, I never know how to start these sorts of things. My name is Wolfgang, and I'm a paleontologist. I enjoy hiking, gardening, and my dog Ruby is the love of my life. I just got out of a long relationship; apparently, my ex couldn't accept me for who I truly am. Not sure if I'm ready for something serious right now; I'm mainly just looking for fun." - Protagonist Boi

"The best puppy-based bullet hell dating simulator you've ever played. 11/10" - Possibly IGN 

Full English Title: "Oh no, I Regrettably Fell in Love with a Puppy: Puppy Love!"


Kyle Toom - Programming, Misc. Art

Matthew Engels - Programming, Music, Misc. Art

Lillian Fulton - Writing, Main Art

Kelby Dinkel - Character Portraits

The Internet - Sound Effects

Install instructions

Controls: Only WASD, arrow keys, or gamepad necessary


Puppy Love.zip 15 MB


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BOOP THE SNOOT <3 Great job on this one.

Thanks for playing :D